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Research on mining in kenya

  • Kenya. The Mining Ministry uses study to inform the budget

    Study: Understanding the economic contribution to small- scale mining in East Africa. Findings from the study were shared by the Kenya Ministry of Mining (MoM) with the Treasury as part of their budget submission request for new civil service positions to affect the new Mining Act.

  • Gender and Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining: Connecting

    Gender and Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining: Connecting Research with Resource Governance Policy dialogues and training on womens gold mining livelihoods held in Osiri and Migori town, Migori 29-30 July and Nairobi 1 August 2019, Kenya. Kenyas significant mineral wealth is poised to help transform the country into a middle-income

  • Research Publications Transparency International

    Jun 12, 2017· Corruption Risk Assessment in Mining Awards - Kenya, 2017 The Corruption Risk Assessment identified a total of Eighteen (18) risks which are likely to occur in the award process. The risks broadly focused on gaps in the legal and policy framework, access to information, public participation processes, institutional capacity


    The research focuses on social and ecological problems caused by artisanal small scale (ASM) gold mining in Rongo district in Nyanza province Kenya. The definition of artisanal small scale mining varies from country to country (Africa, 2002). Variables like investment costs, mine

  • The Need for Model Mining Legislation - Curtis Research

    Even worse, many communities in mining areas usually farmers who are already poor are often left worse off as a result of mining operations. This report presents new research from mining operations in four countries Zimbabwe, Angola, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo and highlights ongoing problems and adverse human


    With the discovery of oil in 2012, Kenya is one of East Africas newest frontiers in the search for oil. Oil exploration is currently concentrated in Turkana County, the largest, poorest and one of the most marginalized counties in Kenya.

  • The Ministry of Petroleum and Mining

    Mining Cadastre Portal 2. Vision 2030 3. SEAMIC 4. Ministry of Environment 5. PSCK Jobs 6. ICT Authority 7. Ministry of ICT 8. The Presidency 9. Kenya Chamber Of Mines 11. Kenya Pipeline Company 12. Kenya Petroleum Refineries Ltd 13. Kenya Tullow Oil


    minimal research exists to determine the resulting effects of oil price regulations in Kenya, this is because most researches that exist have been carried out in the developed world and their findings cannot be applied in Kenya adequately. Therefore, the researcher sought to explore the


    Table 1.2: Gross Domestic Product contribution by mining and quarrying in GDP 2005 - 2013 and changes over time Table 1.3: Benefits of involving MSMEs in local supply chains KIPPRA Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research Analysis KNBS Kenya National Bureau of Statistics KNCCI Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ksh Kenya Shilling

  • Natural Resources and Conflict Management in East Africa

    The Author wishes to acknowledge Ngararu Maina, LL.B (Hons) Moi, for research assistance extended in This is bound to become more severe with the entry of oil and gas exploration and mining in the Violent Electoral Conflict in Kenya, (Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies, Nairobi, 2008),

  • Tax incentives in Kenya Fortune of Africa Kenya

    Mining deduction allowance, granted to businessmen involved in mining; Import duty set off,allows import duty paid on import of capital equipment to be set off against income tax payable Corporate tax stands at: Standard rate of 30%.-25% for new listing at Nairobi Stock Exchange for 5 years

  • An assessment of impacts of extractive industries on

    Nov 17, 2016· Kenya is endowed with a wealth of natural resources comprising minerals, forests, wildlife and other forms of biodiversity. In the recent past, the Country has witnessed increased attention in the extraction of minerals such as titanium, gypsum and gold to mention a few. Spurred by a progressive Constitution and an aggressive long term development blueprint, the extractive industry is expected

  • The economic contributions of artisanal and small-scale

    Oct 26, 2018· Field research in Migori mining sites indicated that gold mining is the main income-generating activity in the sub-counties surveyed with men constituting 92% of the extraction workforce while women constitute 62% of the mineral processing

  • Kenya and the Oil Boom: Benefits and Challenges of

    Feb 24, 2014· Amadou Sy sits down with John M. Omiti and Joseph Kieyah, scholars from the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA), to

  • Kenya Energy & Mining Research & Analysis 2017 Oxford

    With commercial-scale resource discoveries in Kenya in recent years of both oil and solid minerals the countrys energy and mining sectors are expanding. Kenya is now poised to join the ranks of commodity exporters, which is a significant reversal from the countrys historic dependency on imports. Authorities are currently overhauling related regulatory frameworks and working on

  • The effects of Kenyas mining industry on womens health

    Rosie Jervase is an EAI Research Assistant, conducting research on women's health in Kenya's artisanal and small-scale mining sector. Although the extractives industry in Kenya is at an early stage, it can benefit local communities through job creation, livelihood improvement and


    Keywords: Artsanal Miners, Environmental Impact, Environmental Impact Asesment 1.0 Introduction The research focuses on environmental impacts of mining a case study of mining communities in Kenya. Mining is the extraction of valuable substances found within the rocks, mud or alluvium. Mineral in their raw state are called ores.

  • Mining impact on communities livelihoods: A case study of

    Jan 18, 2020· Mining has been blamed globally for harmful and impoverishing effects. Most countries are rich sources of gemstone, yet there is very little development, since miners, and those around mining sites, still live in abject poverty. This study sought answers on: how mining activities have affected communities livelihoods?. Data was gathered from, Mwatate Sub-county, Taita Taveta County

  • Mining and Quarrying Industry 2021 - Kenya Market Research

    Access new updated reports and statistics for the Mining and Quarrying Industry in Kenya. Get the latest trends and understand the impact of the crisis on the market.

  • (PDF) Impact of Gold Mining on the Environment and Human

    The study of gold sites in the Migori Gold Belt, Kenya, revealed that the concentrations of heavy metals, mainly Hg, Pb and As are above acceptable levels. Tailings at the panning sites recorded


    107 Term of mining licence. 108 Rights conferred by mining licence. 109 Obligations under mining licence. 110 Record-keeping and reporting requirements. 111 Amendment of programme of mining operations. 112 Newly discovered minerals. 113 - Cessation, suspension, or curtailment of production in respect of mining licences.

  • Kenyas mining industry: set for a boom?

    Jul 24, 2016· There wasnt really a mining industry in Kenya until three years ago. Mining Minister Dan Kazungu has now written a new strategy that spans 20 years in the hope to see 10% of GDP coming from mining by 2030, and includes plans for up to 20 new mines.


    SUSTAINABLE GOVERNANCE FOR ARTISANAL SAND MINING - CASE OF KANGONDE LOCATION, MASINGA DISTRICT Research Project By: Arwa, George Augustine Research Project presented to the Department of Geography and Environmental studies, University of Nairobi, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of

  • Mining in Taita Taveta County - Nairobi Office Kenya

    Research for this report on status and prospects of mining in Taita-Taveta County was carried out in the second half of 2010. Taita County is geologically located within the Mozambique Belt, and is endowed with one of the richest minerals deposits in Kenya and the

  • MASTER THESIS - Universiteit Twente

    mining, education is an important issue that is troubled since the attention of key players (teachers, parents and students) is on the mining activity and other ways of income generation and wealth. However, parents incapability and sometimes unwillingness to pay the bills of their children is

  • Impact of Stone Quarrying on the Environment and the

    Sep 28, 2012· construction industry. In Kenya and specifically in Mandera County area, stone quarrying industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Objective: This study thus aims at examining the impact that stone quarrying has had on the environment and the livelihood of the communities in Mandera County, Kenya.

  • (PDF) Sustainable mineral development: Case study from Kenya

    The last two to three decades have witnessed a rapid growth in the mining industry in Kenya. The suite of minerals includes metals such as gold, silver, copper, zinc and titanium, and industrial

  • Kenya Energy & Mining Research & Analysis 2018 Oxford

    Recent oil finds in the South Lokichar Basin may soon feed into the segment and establish Kenya as a hydrocarbons exporter for the first time. For the private sector, the promulgation of the new Energy Bill and Mining Act promise to open up these closely related sectors to

  • Mining in Kenya the start of a new era? - Lexology

    Apr 12, 2013· Introduction. Kenya, famous for its natural beauty and wildlife, is a country which remains subject to limited commercial exploitation of its wealth in minerals.

  • An assessment of the impacts of Gypsum mining on water

    In the recent past, Kenya has witnessed increased activity in the extractive industry targeting minerals such as titanium, gypsum and gold to name a few. Mining activities are a potentially important contributor to water contamination. Discussions in the literature on impacts of gypsum mining on water quality are not conclusive because they tend to be site specific and lacking in details.

  • Gold mining activities' impact on Human and Environmental

    Original Research Article Gold mining activities' impact on Human and Environmental Health in Macalder Migori, Kenya: Possible Interventions Veronica Ngure 1*, Francis K. Lelo 2 and Benson Obwanga 1 Abstract 1Department of Biological Sciences, Laikipia University, Kenya, P. O. Box 1100-20300, Nyahururu, Kenya 2PAES Department,

  • Financing Options for Effects of Political Risk in Mining

    the mining industry in Kenya. Kenya has a wide variety of minerals which are known and mapped, but most of its potential lies in the yet undiscovered mineral deposits. In Kenya mining industry, local government plays not only a role of administrator and supervisor, but also a role of special interests subject in some cases.

  • The Impact of Small-Scale Mining Operations on Economies

    report incorporates the findings from field research assessing two representative supply chains per country. The findings are followed by a synthesis of the conclusions and recommendations from the three country studies. Kenya: ASM gold mining at the assessed mining village Osiri injects USD 1.9 million per year into the local economy.

  • Economic Contributions of Artisanal and Small-Scale

    Small-scale Mining in East Africa covering Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. The authors wish to acknowledge the important research assistance of Elizabeth Echavarria and Marina Ruete from ARM. Special thanks are extended to the projects Expert Advisors Majala Mlagui

  • (PDF) The Application of Data Mining in the Mobile

    INTRODUCTIONIn this section, we review the background of the study on data mining in the mobile telecommunications industry in Kenya. We also explore the statement of the problem, the objectives of the study, and the value of the study.

  • Unravelling safety compliance in the mining industry

    Mining in South Africa is still one of the toughest and most hazardous occupations (Paul & Maiti, 2005). A strong focus on production characterises the mining industry. These high performance pressures and time constrains decrease the safety level of operations. Employees have strict targets to meet within specified timelines.

  • Mining impact on communities livelihoods: A case study of

    Jan 18, 2020· Mining has been blamed globally for harmful and impoverishing effects. Most countries are rich sources of gemstone, yet there is very little development, since miners, and those around mining sites, still live in abject poverty. This study sought answers on: how mining

  • Mining In Kenya The Diggings

    At the time these mines were surveyed, 5 mines in Kenya were observed to have ore mineralization in an outcrop, shallow pit, or isolated drill holeknown as an occurance mine. 1 Kenya has 5 prospect mines. 2 5 mines were in production at the time the data was entered into USGS records. Rift Valley, Coast, and Nyanza are the with the most mines.

  • The Impact of Small-Scale Mining Operations on Economies

    Dec 19, 2017· The synthesis study was commissioned to strengthen the evidence-base on small-scale mining in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda and maximise the potential of the sector to promote inclusive economic growth

  • (PDF) Impact of the extractives sector on - Share research

    The fact that mining constitute a major contributor to Zimbabwean economy cannot be overemphasized with the sector contributing more than 60% of the country`s export earnings. However, its contributory role to the economy has been overshadowing its


    The consultant conducted research into the manufacturing sector in Kenya and the document will inform a roundtable meeting held by ODI on Kenyan manufacturing in August 2016. The meeting will focus on examining what further activities the Supporting Economic Transformation

  • Progresses in restoration of post-mining landscape in

    Mar 19, 2018· Mining alters the natural landscape and discharges large volumes of wastes that pose serious pollution hazards to the environment, to human health and to agriculture. As a result, the recent 2 decades have witnessed a global surge in research on post-mining landscape restoration, yielding a suite of techniques including physical, chemical, biological (also known as phytoremediation) and

  • Five common challenges facing the mining industry Aggreko

    Mining is a dangerous profession. The traditional occupational hazards such as coal dust inhalation, damage to hearing due to the noise in a mine and chemical hazards still stand but the changing nature of mining has led to a raft of new issues. As mines are getting deeper, the

  • Solidarities at a distance: Extending Fairtrade gold to

    Jan 01, 2018· Subsequently, in 2012, Comic Relief awarded £800k to support the project in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania (20121015). 11 Overarching aims were to improve conditions in mining communities through lobbying for the formalisation of mining rights, and supporting miners to achieve FT/FM certification as a vehicle for social, economic and

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