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Proximity detection systems for mining equipment workshop

  • Underground mining equipment proximity detection systems

    Aug 20, 2010· The mining industry and regulatory agencies are trialing collision proximity detection and collision avoidance systems as a promising means to protect workers at surface and underground mines with the goal to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities related to the use of this equipment.

  • Proximity Detection in a Mine Wide Applications for

    Experience has shown for proximity detection in an underground coal mining application to be effective, however, it is necessary the proximity detection system provide automated command and control of the equipment. This tight integration of systems is not without its challenges.

  • Pas Z & ZR Proximity Alert System PBE Group©

    Proximity Alert System for Above & Below Ground Collision Avoidance for The Mining & Construction Industry A detection system for all vehicle types including heavy and light vehicles. A tag-based detection system for mobile and fixed assets including personnel.

  • Evaluation of an advanced proximity detection system for

    A proximity warning system (PWS) based on the global positioning system (GPS) and peer-to-peer communication has been developed to prevent collisions between mining equipment

  • Proximity Warning Systems - SW Scale

    By bringing industry leading Proximity Warning System technologies to our customers, we help in assuring they protect their most valuable assets. Proximity warning systems are not a one size fits all scenario. There is a wide variety of technologies available. Some are

  • Final Rule on Proximity Detection Systems for Continuous

    Mar 16, 2018· Based on manufacturer information, nearly half of the continuous mining machines in operation - 425 of approximately 863 - are equipped with proximity detection systems. Most will meet the provisions of the final rule with only minor system changes, such as adding warning signals. General Inspection Procedures for Proximity Detection Devices

  • Proximity Detection - Technology Mining Corp.

    Proximity detection s ystems help train personnel to avoid danger zones while working around large machines, such as continuous miners and mobile haulage equipment. These systems detect workers in low visibility and obscured operator line-of-sight locations and can be

  • Proximity Warning Systems & Proximity Detection Devices

    Sophisticated proximity alert systems and proximity detection devices are an essential investment to avoid collisions in the hazardous mining environment, between both equipment and personnel. Restricted access, reduced visibility and small spaces can

  • Detect

    Detect Proximity Awareness can help. The system uses the latest in peer-to-peer communications to deliver fast and reliable information-sharing between machines and alerts operators of

  • Mine safety investigation unit

    Collision Avoidance Systems Workshop. 8-9 February 2011. Surface mining operations Proximity to excavators and backhoes Consider proximity detection systems to warn the operator of a person entering the work zone

  • (PDF) Mobile Proximity Sensing Technologies for Personnel

    The developed proximity safety alerts system provides stakeholders with better understanding of dynamic spatial relationships among equipment, operator, workers, and a

  • [PDF] Active proximity warning system for surface and

    NIOSH has developed an active proximity warning system called HASARD (Hazardous Area Signaling and Ranging Device) for warning workers as they approach known dangerous areas around heavy mining equipment and other dangerous work zones. HASARD is composed of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter generates a 60-kHz magnetic field using one or more wire loop antennas.

  • Strata Proximity Systems - Mining Technology Mining News

    Electromagnetic proximity detection systems for the mining industry HazardAvert is an Electromagnetic (EM) detection, warning and interlocking system for proximity detection and collision avoidance in

  • Too Close for Comfort The Case for Proximity Detection

    Current Proximity Detection Technologies The Queensland Mines Inspectorate, together with several proximity detection manufacturers and minesites or organisations that have introduced or are trialling proximity detection systems, conducted a series of proximity workshop in August and

  • A shell-based magnetic field model for magnetic proximity

    Mar 01, 2012· 1. Introduction. The current research of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in the field of proximity detection for underground mining equipment has primarily focused on developing the technologies and methodologies to allow magnetic proximity detection systems to determine an exact location of a worker around mobile mining machinery (Carr et al., 2010).

  • Collision Avoidance & Proximity Detection Systems

    Proximity detection is an integral part of an effective collision avoidance system as its primary goal is to ensure that heavy equipment do not come in contact with personnel. Proximity detection when combined with onboard cameras ensures that operators have the ability to validate what has been detected.

  • Proximity Detection Systems - Mining3 - Transforming Mining

    Challenge With the global mining industry moving towards the legislated adoption of Proximity Detection Systems (PDS), they are becoming a critical control measure for improving safety in mobile mining equipment. PDS technology works to detect people and vehicles in the vicinity of an enabled vehicle and sounds an alarm for an impending hazard.

  • Мulti-range Proximity Alert System PBE Group©

    PBEs tag based Proximity Alert Systems (PAS) are designed to enhance workplace safety by reducing risk of collision through asset and personnel detection and warning. The above and below ground proximity detection system alerts drivers of the presence of personnel, vehicles, obstacles and user defined geofences.

  • Minestar Detect MineStar Technology WesTrac

    Advanced object detection alert system. If your space is tight, or you have multiple trucks operating in the same area, collision avoidance systems are one of minings most crucial safety systems. Our object detection systems add an extra layer of operator visibility, allowing for visual and sensor checks to give your operator peace of mind.

  • HazardAvert® Level 9 Coal Mining PDS Strata Worldwide

    HazardAvert ® for coal mining is an EMESRT Level 9 approved proximity detection system (PDS) designed to increase personnel safety and safety awareness while working in and around mobile machinery. It was developed to prevent machinery-to-person crushing and pinning type accidents in underground working environments.

  • SiteZone Proximity Warning System SiteZone Safety

    The Oversite system elevates the SiteZone proximity warning system from a site based safety aide to a proactive safety management tool. Real time reporting; BucketZone allows for the creation of a separate detection zone around the working equipment of the machine. This can make the system more practical in certain applications.

  • HxGN Mineprotect Collision Avoidance System Pro Hexagon

    360-degree proximity detection via a non-intrusive cabin display unit protecting all mining vehicles, assets, and vehicle operators in open pit mines. Mines can be dangerous places. Heavy traffic, large equipment, poor visibility and blind spots all create the potential for accidents.

  • Proximity Warning Systems for Mining Equipment Workshop

    Machine Safety Studies: Proximity Warning Systems Systems alert workers to danger and automatically disable or shutdown equipment if necessary to prevent injury Radar antennas and a

  • Capability of underground mine vehicle proximity detection

    Nov 19, 2018· Proximity-detection systems are an added layer of control in a multi-layered safety management system to lessen risks from mining equipment accidents. What are some of the proximity detection systems you tested? We tested three proximity detection systems including the BECKER, GE and Strata Worldwide proximity detection systems.

  • Intelligent Proximity Detection Technology for Underground

    During 2013, MSHA plans to finalize a regulation that would require the use of proximity detection systems on continuous mining machines and to publish a proposed regulation related to proximity detection systems for underground coal haulage equipment.

  • Setting the standards for proximity detection systems

    Jun 08, 2018· A proximity detection system (PDS) is a series of sensors that are placed within a vehicle to detect potential unwanted events (PUEs) such as collisions with objects or people, and is a vital component of an effective collision management strategy.

  • Proximity Detection Collision Awareness Schauenburg

    The Schauenburg Systems Surface Proximity Detection System is a vehicle and personnel tracking and collision awareness system. Contact Us Today! To ensure equipment is tested and functional before entering the underground mining environment.

  • Proximity Detection Aids Minesite Awareness E & MJ

    In his presentation to a proximity detection and collision avoidance systems workshop that was held in Sydney, Australia, in February 2011, Craig Hoffman, product manager for Collision Avoidance and Geospatial Systems at GE Mining Technology in Australia, provided a list of some of the scenarios that can present hazards during normal surface-mine operations.


    With mining legislation changing around the world, Proximity Detection (PDS) and Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS) are fast becoming control measures for safety in mobile machinery. These controls are in response to hazards caused by the quantity, shape and visibility characteristics of ever-growing mobile mining plant and support equipment.

  • CDC - Mining Workshop - Proximity Warning Systems - NIOSH

    Sep 15, 2010· Charleston, WV: September 15, 2010 The NIOSH Office of Mine Safety and Health Research sponsored a free, one-day workshop to discuss proximity warning and detection systems for mining equipment.

  • Proximity Detection/Collision Warning Information from

    MSHA Approved Proximity Detection Systems for Use in Underground Coal Mines Title 30 Code of Federal Regulations (30 CFR) §75.1732 requires operators of underground coal mines to equip place-changing continuous mining machines with proximity detection systems.

  • Case study Driver satisfaction with a modified proximity

    the accident provides evidence that human factors methods can accurately predict issues with in-cab proximity detection systems for mining equipment. Furthermore, it appears that these methods lead to design changes that are accepted by drivers. More research is required to test if the changes are also effective. ©Cooke et al: Licensee HFESA Inc.

  • HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System Hexagon Mining

    HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System 360-degree proximity detection via a non-intrusive cabin display unit for all mining vehicles, assets, and operators in open pit mines. Mines can be dangerous places. Heavy traffic, large equipment, poor visibility and blind spots all create the potential for accidents. The mining industry demands

  • Strata Level 9 PDS: Surface & Underground Strata Worldwide

    HazardAvert® is an electromagnetic proximity detection system designed to increase personnel safety and safety awareness while working in and around mobile machinery. It is designed to prevent vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian accidents and collisions, particularly crushing- and pinning-type accidents in underground environments.

  • Proximity Detection System ( PDS ) Becker Mining Systems AG

    Proximity Detection System (PDS) / Collission Awareness System (CAS) Proximity Detection Systems (PDS) and Collision Awareness Systems (CAS) alike, are designed to prevent injury and possible loss of life during the operation of mining vehicles in close proximity to mining personnel.

  • MSHA - Comments on Public Rule Making - Proximity

    proximity detection system to cause a continuous mining machine to stop no closer than three feet from a miner, except in certain limited circumstances. As testified to by Mr. Aric Pryor, Matrix Design Group and Mr. Phil Rosenstein, Joy Mining at the public

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